NeoPrizm Bowling

Live streaming and tournament event results are a core of our business. Thus we have gone through some slight rebranding at the beginning of 2023. Renaming our main YouTube Channel, and now the addition of this website.

We rebranded our YouTube to separate the core services of our business. Instead of over shadowing our other services and videos on the same page, we separated them for ease of understanding for both our live stream viewers, as well as our other clients.

Which brings us to this website. With the amount of tournaments we stream and run standings for. Having a devoted website with all the standings and information about those tournaments helps clear up any confusion. Along with providing ease of access to the results from all the tournaments in the current year. No longer needed to go to a Facebook page or Google drive to see the results for the event.

While there may be some delay in getting the standings up during the event, after the event all the standings will be posted along with links to re watch the event if you missed it, or you want to watch it again.

The farthest back of standings we will hold on our website is the 2022 GDUSBC Masters and Senior Masters, and the 2022 Megan Schissler Memorial Tournament standings. But any tournaments we stream in 2023 and the future, all standings will be hosted on this website.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us on any social media platform, or by email